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Who are we, the UX Packers®?

The UX Packers® is a growing community of UX Designers. Our mission is it to UX Design the number one reason why a company or one of its solutions becomes successful or not. Therefore the founder Christopher Wittmann decided to implement together with his team multiple platforms about UX Design. Whether it is about education like the UX Campus or about finding some information like on the UX Wiki or purchasing something in the UX Shop or watching some videos on UX Design on our UX TV platform or listening to the UX Globals Podcast. All these things and more can be done with you UX Packers® account! You have one account that gives you access to all our platforms.

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Our UX Packers® community welcomes everyone who is willing to become a UX Designer, who is simply interested in UX Design, who works together with UX Designers and everyone else who simply wants to become a UX Packer him/her-self!

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What we provide for the UX Pack all our UX Packers

What we provide for the UX Pack!

Our mission is to make you happy and UX Design relevant to everyone. Therefore we provide you multiple services. Most of them are listed below. These services are about UX Education, UX Entertainment and also our UX Shop.

UX Campus

UX Wiki

On the UX Wiki you can find lots of information about completely different topics related to UX Design for free!

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UX Campus

Learning UX Design and similar topics in an interactive way you have never experienced before! Stop only watching some videos!

UX Certificates

To certify your knowledge in the UX sector we introduce you to the UX Certificates that show potential employers you knowledge!

UX Literature

Finding proper UX Literature can be difficult but we offer you small booklets with all the important knowledge compacted inside!

UX Entertainment


Gaining knowledge and UX Agency insights is an entertaining way of becoming more related to the topic of UX Design!

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UX Globals Podcast

In our daily airing episodes of the UX Globals Podcast we cover the most important aspects of UX Design and entrepreneurship!

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UX Challenge

Work on one-week projects and learn multiple techniques within this week. Every project and task will be different and you will keep learning!

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UX Shop

UX Shop

Get all the digital assets and products a UX Designer might need in our UX Shop which is also accessible with your UX Packers® account!

UX Journal

Giving you as many media as possible about UX Design we also want to introduce you to the UX Journal a monthly magazine on UX Design.

User Experience

UX Search

When you want to get all the information of all UX Packers® platforms you can find all of them with our UX Search!

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Start using those now!

Getting access to all features including the free downloadables on e.g. the UX Wiki is very easy. All you need is your UX Packers® account wich is your entry card into all our platforms!

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Why people believe in the UX Packers vision

Why people believe in the UX Packers® vision!

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As the requirements for products and services in our digital world increase steadily, it is essential to conquer these challenges with the same speed. UX Packers® unites all important components in one account to face these challenges!

Sadik Orth


The UX Packers® platforms make it possible to learn UX Design in an easy way. As the sites were created on the users' individual needs, both - beginners and experts - can profit from the offered contents. I'm happy about being a UX Packer!

Sandra Schmidt


We want to make UX Design the number one reason why a company or one of its solutions becomes successful or not. Therefore we need to have a strong education on UX Design and a big community of UX Designers. That is why I believe in us UX Packers®!

Christopher Wittmann

It's easy and free!

If you want to support our vision and want to become part of our plan that UX Design must become the number one reason for a business's success, please join us! We are looking forward to you!

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Making UX Design the number one success reason

All of us, UX Packers®, are making UX the number one reason why a company or one of its solutions succeeds!